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Candle holder / Selenite

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Introducing our Selenite Candle Holder, where elegance and style meet the extraordinary powers of this remarkable crystal.

Selenite, often revered for its tranquil essence, possesses a unique ability to effortlessly absorb and dispel negative energies, fashioning a sanctuary of serene and calming vibes.

Light a candle and bask in the transformative aura that Selenite graciously bestows upon your space.

A Must-Have for Every Home and Office

This Selenite Candle Holder isn't just an accessory; it's an essential addition to any home or office. The pristine, translucent beauty of Selenite is unparalleled in the world of crystals, reminiscent of the ethereal radiance of Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.

When life's chaos leaves your mind in disarray, Selenite steps in as your serene guide, nurturing a tranquil and clear mental landscape. It extends its calming influence to both body and emotions, helping you regain balance and composure. Selenite acts as a protective shield against external forces, inviting the embrace of your guardian angels and the angelic realm. Let its energies cleanse your aura, washing away impediments in your energy fields and purging dysfunctional energies from your being.

Purify Your Aura with Selenite

With each aura purification, Selenite's magic ushers in a tide of positive love vibrations, attracting benevolent energies to envelop you. It's more than a candle holder; it's a vessel of transformation.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of light and positive energy that Selenite orchestrates. Ignite your candle and embark on a journey to experience the rejuvenating powers that only Selenite can offer.

Your space will thank you, and your soul will revel in newfound serenity.

Height: 8cm

Weight: 850g