Welcome to our new site

A warm welcome to our new site!

Bohemian Royalties was founded in 2019 by Ann-Sophie Fabrizi and is a brand that focuses on ethically sustainable jewelry made of precious stones and crystals. Created to empower and inspire women, who believe in themselves and the beauty of their dreams, to be used from a health perspective as well as pure beautiful jewelry.

Our jewelry is designed to balance body and soul with the help of the healing properties of the jewelry's gems, crystals and symbols. Each piece of jewelry has its own theme. The intention is to remind you of how amazing you are, unleash your inner goddess that is deep within you and help you make a shift towards who you really are on a soul level. So that you can live your purpose, both intentionally and consciously.

Through our jewelry, we want to combine ancient wisdom from crystals and precious stones with the power of symbols in a modern unique jewelry design. Symbols have been meaningful to us since the beginning of time and when the symbols are genuine and created with pure energy, there is a strong connection to our higher self, our soul.

crystal healing jewelry for conscious women

Health is everything. You can not enjoy love, joy, prosperity or relationships, even life itself, if you do not have health. Bohemian Royalties' approach to health is holistic and is based on the fact that everything is basically energy. For thousands of years, ancient cultures have used the power of crystals and gems to release physical, mental and spiritual blockages by improving the flow of energy in the body. This valuable energy has many names, some call it "chi" or "ki" others "prana" while modern science refers to it as vital life force. It is basically the natural energy that supports life itself. We believe that the world has a lot to learn from the wisdom of crystals and we want to help spread it.

I believe that a piece of jewelry can bring life to our soul and remind us of our inherent potential, our inherent goddess, who is just waiting to be discovered. By listening inwardly to my inner voice, I create beautiful jewelry for women and make them say "I am ready to step into my own power and believe in the beauty of my dreams" - Ann-Sophie Fabrizi

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