About us

It all started with a whisper, a whisper from the universe that refused to stop. A voice that when ignored began to shout and eventually sing loudly. It was a strong call to do something else, something meaningful ...

Bohemian Royalties was founded in 2019 by Ann-Sophie Fabrizi and is a brand that focuses on ethically sustainable jewelry made of precious stones and crystals. Created to empower and inspire women, who believe in themselves and the beauty of their dreams, to be used from a health perspective as well as pure beautiful jewelry.

    Our products - Crystal jewelry for conscious women

    Our jewelry is designed to balance the body and soul with the help of the healing properties of the jewelry's gems, crystals and symbols. Each piece of jewelry has its own theme. The intention is to remind you of how amazing you are, unleash your inner goddess that is deep within you and help you make a shift towards who you really are on a soul level. So that you can live your purpose, both intentionally and consciously.

    With your jewelry, you get tools to create positive change in your life. So choose an elegant piece of jewelry that feels meaningful to you and connect with your inner strength. That power helps you to believe in yourself and your universal right to choose what you want to do with your life - after all, we are the very creators of our own destiny. Let go of fear and let your heart and your passion lead you to a lifestyle full of joy where you feel inspired, have fun, learn, grow and encourage other women to do the same.

    Bohemian Royalties jewelry - A combination of ancient wisdom and modern design

    Through our jewelry, we want to combine ancient wisdom from crystals and precious stones with the power of symbols in a modern unique jewelry design. Symbols have been meaningful to us since the beginning of time and when the symbols are genuine and created with pure energy, a strong connection to our higher self, our soul, is created.

    Health is everything. You can not enjoy love, joy, prosperity or relationships, even life itself, if you do not have health. Bohemian Royalties' approach to health is holistic and is based on the fact that everything is basically energy. For thousands of years, ancient cultures have used the power of crystals and gems to release physical, mental and spiritual blockages by improving the flow of energy in the body. This valuable energy has many names, some call it "chi" or "ki" others "prana" while modern science refers to it as vital life force. It is basically the natural energy that supports life itself. We believe that the world has a lot to learn from the wisdom of crystals and we want to help spread it.

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

    So said a very wise woman, who came to inspire and strengthen women around the world. Bohemian Royalties jewelry aims to give women the same kind of inspiration and strength.

    It is when you dream that you bring your ambition to life and it motivates you to actively and consciously work towards your dreams. The moment you stop dreaming is also the day when you stop making plans for your future.

    Life is in constant motion and is about developing. It is only when you dream daily that you actually actively work with your future. You will always need to work on yourself and develop, as that is the only way to improve and strengthen yourself. It is important to understand that the day you stop dreaming will be the day you and your soul stop growing.  

    With our jewelry, we want to strengthen and inspire women to follow their dreams, their inner voice and go their own way.

    All jewelry is handmade, purified and charged with energy

    All products are exclusively handmade in our workshop in Stockholm. We buy our gemstones and crystals from carefully selected suppliers around the world who all focus on the ethically sustainable. We do not have a stock of finished jewelry waiting to be shipped. After your order, your jewelry is created, purified and charged with energy according to our sacred rituals; Each piece of jewelry is unique and made just for you. We activate the jewelry, then it is the new owner's turn to activate the jewelry for their energies.

    About the founder of Bohemian Royalties

    I believe that a piece of jewelry can bring life to our soul and remind us of our inherent potential, our inherent goddess, who is just waiting to be discovered. By listening inwardly to my inner voice, I create beautiful jewelry for women and make them say "I am ready to step into my own power and believe in the beauty of my dreams" - Ann-Sophie Fabrizi

    I am a Certified Crystal Healer, Coach and Jewelry Designer and have been interested in energies, our subconscious mind and holistic health since an early age. I come from a family with a long tradition of genuine craftsmanship and after first graduating law school and business school with subsequent years in the financial industry, I finally chose to change tracks and follow my intuition and the voice of my soul. Since then, there has been further educations, including Energy medicine, the Akashic records, Hypnotherapy, Feng Shui, Coaching and certification by Tony Robbins.

    Bohemian Royalties vision and mission

    Through Bohemian Royalties jewelry, Ann-Sophie lives her dream of spreading knowledge about the healing energies of crystals, the power of symbols and practical exercises for our personal and spiritual development. From the bottom of her heart, she hopes to be able to influence women's health and dreams by inspiring and empowering other women to follow their dreams, their passion, intuition and creativity.

    Special orders

    Do you feel as passionate about crystals and precious stones as we do? Maybe you are looking for something handmade, authentic and unique? Then you have really come to the right place. We love special orders and so do many of our customers. Email info@bohemianroyalties.com and tell us what kind of jewelry you want and how your thoughts go, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.