Kambaba Jasper crystal bracelet
Embracelet Bracelet / Calming Vibes
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Embracelet Bracelet / Calming Vibes

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Relaxing - Courage - Inner peace

Elegant and stylish bracelet with Kambaba Jasper. Kambaba Jasper is an excellent stone for calming anxious minds and restoring balance to body and soul. Its slow stable frequency strengthens your ability to focus and is a great helper in meditation. This stone encourages happiness and activates the ability to attract wealth and abundance to your life.

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This crystal bracelet with Kambaba Jasper is called Embracelet Calming Vibes. Our Embracelet bracelets with their simple and elegant design encourage you to embrace life.

Do you want to release worry and dissolving negative energies within you? Kambaba Jasper is one of the more exotic Jasper, in other words a rare one from Madagascar and South Africa. It is a stone of peace and quiet, filled with nature's nourishing green energy. This Kambaba Jasper bracelet helps to calm anxious senses and restore the balance between body and soul. Its dark mysterious circles and deep green swirls comfort, protect and calm. The bracelet's slow stable frequency increases your ability to focus and is a great helper in meditation. Why? Kambaba Jasper frees us from negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that have a tendency to recur daily.

This stone can be used to enhance the prosperity of your life. The simple reason is that it encourages us to follow the voice of the heart. In the workplace, it enhances an already established career and protects against low-energy colleagues.

With this bracelet, we want you to feel safe and listen inwards.

The AUM sign on the charm represents the vibration and consciousness of the universe. We want to remind you that you are a part of this and hope that you will understand what incredible power you possess. Wear this piece of jewelry to raise your awareness and open up to your dreams.  

Match this crystal bracelet with our Calming Vibes Mala halsband.

Chakra: Heart

Details: 18k gold-plated 925 sterling silver and brass. Free of nickel. 0.8 cm beads.