Our crystals and precious stones

Our Crystals and gemstones – Quick Facts

Gemstones and crystals have been carried throughout history for their beauty as well as their healing properties. Here you can read about our gemstones and their own unique vibrations and healing energy. Do not forget to also read our guide on how to choose jewelry.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

Purifying - Spirituality - Protection
Color: Purple
Chakra: Crown and Third Eye
Divine Vibes Collection

Black Tourmaline
Grounding - Soothing - Protection
Colour: Black
Chakra: Rot
Stay Grounded Collection

Chakra cleansing - Abundance - Emotional balance
Color: Yellow
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Sunshine State of Mind Collection

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Rock crystal
Amplifier - Healing - Clear mind
Color: White and shimmery
Chakra: Crown and all
Crystal Clear Mind Collection

Awareness - Grounding - Dissolves negative energy
Color: Black with golden shimmer
Chakra: Root, Sacral and Solar plexus
Healers Little Helper Collection

Green Aventurine
Abundance - Growth - Healing
Color: Green
Chakra: Heart
Infinite Abundance Collection

Choose to shine like a crystal

Kambaba Jasper
Calming - Courage - Inner peace
Color: Dark green and black
Chakra: Heart
Calming Vibes Collection

Divine Love - Unconditional Love - Purifying
Color: Light pink
Chakra: Third eye
Divine Love Collection

Transformation - Intuition - Strength
Shimmering gray with green and blue shifts
Chakra: Third eye
Enlighted Transformation Collection

Communication - Wisdom - Happiness
Color: White and shimmery
Chakra: Solar plexus and neck
Ocean Healing Collection

Live everyday with intention

Rose quartz

Compassion - Love - Self-confidence
Color: Pink
Chakra: Heart
Unconditional Love Collection

Guidance - Intuition - Focuses on energy
Color: Blue
Chakra: Neck, Third Eye
Guided Intuition Collection

Smoky quartz
Grounding - Transformation - Removes negative energies
Color: Brown
Chakra: Rot
Easy Release Collection

Tiger eye
Courage - Balance - Creativity
Color: Golden brown
Chakra: Root, Sacral and Solar plexus
Tigers Soul Collection


Are you looking for a specific crystal or do you have questions about our stones and crystals? Feel free to contact us by email info@bohemianroyalties.com. Our founder has been using crystals since she was little and she is also a Certified Crystal Healer.