Pearl Bracelet | Ethereal Opulence - Bohemian Royalties
Pearl Bracelet | Ethereal Opulence - Bohemian Royalties
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Pearl Bracelet | Ethereal Opulence - Bohemian Royalties
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Pearl Bracelet | Ethereal Opulence - Bohemian Royalties

Pearl Bracelet | Ethereal Opulence

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€115,95 EUR
€115,95 EUR
Ordinarie pris
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Awareness - Wisdom - Power

The luster of the Pearls and the golden shimmer of the Goldsheen Obsidian creates an elegant and stylish hand knotted bracelet.

  • All our jewelry is delivered in an elegant box together with a gemstone description, an activation card, incense and a ritual.
  • Designed and handmade in Sweden
  • Size: S (19 cm), M (20 cm), L (21 cm) including clasp
  • Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus, Third eye
  • Details: 18k gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. 0,8 cm beads.


It takes about 1-2 weeks before your order of jewelry is sent. We create it for you, purify and charge it with energy. If it is urgent, write it in the text box at check-out. We can not guarantee early delivery, but we will do our best. 

All our jewelry is made to order, be sure to read the terms.


Introducing the Ethereal Opulence Pearl Bracelet — a mesmerizing bracelet that weaves together the celestial allure of Gold Obsidian and the timeless elegance of pearls. Prepare to be enraptured as these extraordinary elements unite, revealing a symphony of healing and transformation.

The bracelet is carefully hand knotted and each gem has been thoroughly separated with a knot. With this technique, it falls incredibly beautifully around the wrist. But there is also a much deeper meaning behind the knots. The knots are strong and firm, and so are you. You are strong enough and have the power to become anything you want.

Within this enchanting piece, the ethereal radiance of Gold Obsidian casts its golden glow upon lustrous pearls, intertwining symbolism and significance. Pearls, long heralded as treasures from the depths of the ocean, symbolize purity, wisdom, and enlightenment. Like shimmering orbs of moonlight, they reflect the profound journey of the soul, reminding us to embrace the beauty that lies within.

When the radiant light of awareness meets the darkness within, the golden hues of Gold Obsidian illuminate our path towards healing. As this shimmering bracelet graces your wrist, it becomes a conduit for transformation—a potent tool that mirrors the depths of our being, revealing what seeks release and restoration. This pearl bracelet is celebrated by individuals across various healing traditions for its exceptional capacity to release and cleanse lingering negative energy within our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres. With its purifying presence, it revitalizes and brings a renewed sense of clarity and equilibrium to our overall well-being.

But the allure of this pearl bracelet extends beyond its healing power. Within its embrace lies the wisdom of pearls, infusing each moment with grace and profound illumination. These celestial gems embody purity, reminding us to honor our inherent wisdom and embrace enlightenment. As you adorn yourself with this sacred bracelet, allow the pearls to guide you towards the depth of your soul, unveiling hidden truths and nurturing your spiritual growth.

The Ethereal Opulence Pearl Bracelet becomes an emblem of transformation and manifestation, for Gold Obsidian empowers you to manifest your true calling in life. As you align with your authentic path, pearls become a symbol of the wisdom gained along the journey—a testament to the abundance that flows effortlessly when we honor our true selves.

When not adorning this exquisite bracelet, bestow it upon your sacred space—a shrine that radiates with divine energy. Within its presence, all unwanted energies dissipate, leaving nothing but a harmonious aura of positivity and healing.

With the Ethereal Opulence Pearl bracelet, a symphony of healing, wisdom, and transformation unfolds. Embrace the interplay of celestial energies and the luminescence of pearls as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound healing. Allow the radiant light of awareness to guide you towards a life of purity, wisdom, and infinite enlightenment.

Are you ready to adorn yourself with the transformative power of this extraordinary bracelet? The Ethereal Opulence Pearl Bracelet awaits, a divine companion on your path of healing and illumination.

The AUM sign on the charm represents the vibration and consciousness of the universe. We want to remind you that you are a part of this and hope that you will understand what incredible power you possess. Wear this piece of jewelry to raise your awareness and open up to your dreams.