Guide - Hur väljer jag smycken

A question I have been asked many times is "Which piece of jewelry should I choose?".  And so, with a glimmer of inspiration, I offer you a guide that unravels the mysteries of choosing jewelry, revealing three enchanting ways to find the adornments that resonate with your very soul. Let us embark on this journey, where your unique essence is celebrated and cherished, where there are no rigid rules, only the freedom to embrace your own path.


What's your style?

You are a tapestry of individuality, with a lifestyle and fashion sense as distinctive as the constellations in the night sky. Some of you delight in the elegance of minimalism, where delicate subtlety speaks volumes. Others revel in the flamboyant allure of extravagance, where bold statements become a signature.

So close your eyes and envision your style—let it dance before you like a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Perhaps a particular hue ignites your spirit, or a specific crystal captures your heart.

Consider your wardrobe, from the comfort of yoga pants to the grace of a silk shirt, or the stylish attire that accompanies your professional endeavors. And as you explore the expanse of your personal style, remember that my jewelry accompanies you on every step of your journey, whether at home, in the office, on the dance floor, during meditative moments, atop the yoga mat, or even amidst the ethereal beauty of Ibiza's shores. Let your style guide your choice, for in the symphony of your uniqueness, lies the melody of your soul.


Trust your intuition

Let´s delve into the realm of intuition—an ancient magic that whispers secrets only you can hear. Listen closely, for your intuition knows the path that leads to your heart's desire. What draws you in? Is there a particular gemstone that beckons to you with its mystic allure? Does a certain style captivate your gaze and ignite a spark within? Reflect upon the first piece of jewelry that caught your eye—what was it that spoke to your soul? Trust this divine connection, for your intuition is a compass, a beacon guiding you towards the treasures that resonate deeply within. This inner knowing is yours and yours alone, for it is the language of your soul. As you choose with intention, remember that the power lies within you to embrace the jewels that sing in harmony with your spirit. Trust yourself, beautiful soul, for when you do, the universe conspires to unfold its magic in your hands.



Selecting jewelry by intention

Each piece I craft holds a sacred purpose, a key to unlock a specific theme or intention in your life. Pause for a moment and inquire within—what do you seek to manifest? What realm of your existence calls for a touch of enchantment or focused energy? Bohemian Royalties jewelry is a gentle reminder of your inner strength, a talisman that supports and nurtures your dreams. Allow your heart to guide you, for it holds the answers that illuminate your path. Embrace the power of intention, for it is through this conscious choice that your jewelry becomes a conduit for manifestation. With each adorning gemstone, symbol, or sacred charm, you breathe life into your aspirations, intertwining the ethereal and the tangible, and embracing the magic that lies within. Check out my Quick facts crystal guide.