Jewelry care

How to take care of your jewelry from Bohemian Royalties

For us, all crystals are living beings, so take good care of them and they will take care of you.

  • Put on the jewelry as a final step when getting dressed. As mentioned, hair spray, perfume, soap, make-up, oils and lotions can affect the surface layer of the jewelery.
  • After using the jewelry, use a soft cloth and gently wipe off any residue of lotion, oil or makeup that may have adhered to the jewelry.
  • Always take off your jewelry before going to bed.
  • Store your jewelry in the box provided when you do not use it. The jewelry should not be stored in direct sunlight, humid areas and extreme heat or cold. 
  • Never use your jewelry in the shower, pool, dry sauna, IR sauna or steam sauna. Water and chemicals used in everyday life can damage the surface layer of the jewelry. That is why you should always take off our jewelry before washing your hands, washing dishes, bathing, showering or having contact with water.

Our crystals, stones and metals

  • Since all our stones and pearls are natural gemstones and real pearls, they vary in shape, color and size. Just like you, each crystal, stone and pearl is unique. 
  • Our jewelry consists of precious metals such as 925 sterling silver and 18k gold-plated 925 sterling silver. We also sometimes use certain base metals such as brass, also this is 18k gold and silver plated.
  • Keep in mind that metal can darken and have a duller surface during normal use. This is called oxidation. Oxidation of silver is a natural process. Since our jewelry is made of 92.5%, this can happen. Silver can oxidize and darken on contact with the skin's natural salts and minerals.
  • Strong light, heat and moisture can affect the quality of the crystals, stones and plated surfaces. In addition, the colors of some crystals may fade upon exposure to the sun. Pearls can lose their luster when in contact with products such as soap, cotton and perfumes.
  • You can buy silver polish that can restore the shine and life to your jewelry. Be sure to ask for the right silver polish; for gold plated silver or silver.