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Candle holder / Rose quartz

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Indulge in the timeless elegance of our Rose Quartz Candle Holder – a symbol of love and sophistication that belongs in every home and office.

Rose quartz, often referred to as the Love Stone, emanates powerful vibrations of love and happiness. This unconditional, boundless love has the remarkable ability to unlock your heart chakra, allowing you to perceive the beauty in others and, most importantly, bestow upon yourself the invaluable gift of genuine self-love.

Let this enchanting stone serve as a daily reminder: love yourself unconditionally, for no one can ever love you more than you love yourself. Place it strategically in proximity to what you desire positive outcomes for, as it possesses the magnetic ability to attract the right energies. Rose quartz is the stone of all-encompassing love – self-love, familial affection, friendships, romance, and unconditional love. 

So, ignite a candle and bask in the gentle, loving energies of Rose Quartz. Elevate your surroundings, nurture your heart, and let love and positivity flow abundantly into your life.